Drug Detox in Big Spring, TX

Drug detox in Big Spring is the first step in a comprehensive rehab program for treating drug or alcohol addiction. Breaking free from the grip of addiction requires specialized treatment programs in Big Spring designed to help address the triggers behind dysfunctional attitudes associated with substance abuse.

However, before therapy can begin to take effect, the person needs to get through the drug detox process.

What is Drug Detox?

Drug detox in Big Spring is the process of eliminating the effects of drugs or alcohol from the system after a period of substance abuse. For most people, the drug detox process begins within a few hours of taking the last dose.

There are several types of drug detox that include:

Natural detox: Stopping drug or alcohol use suddenly is also known as going ‘cold turkey', or natural detox. Most people assume that just stopping drug use and learning to ‘just say no' will somehow mean they're cured of addiction. In reality, stopping use suddenly can cause withdrawal symptoms that can be unpleasant, dangerous, or outright life-threatening, depending on the type of drug being taken.

Medical detox: Drug and alcohol detox centers can administer prescription treatment medications designed to alleviate the worst of any withdrawal symptoms. For example, someone recovering from opiate addiction may be given methadone or Suboxone to make the detox process more comfortable. Depending on the severity of the addiction, some people may be suited to outpatient medical detox treatments.

Medicated detox: Not all drugs of addiction can be treated using replacement medications. In the event that the person is recovering from alcohol addiction or from abusing drugs such as methadone or cocaine, centers for drug detox in Big Spring use the natural detox method accompanied by non-addictive medications to help ease the worst of any withdrawal symptoms.

Medically-supervised detox: Other types of drugs, such as benzodiazepines like Xanax or Valium, need to be carefully tapered down over a period of time to prevent potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. It's strongly advised that medically-supervised detox is conducted under strict medical supervision in our inpatient drug rehab in Big Spring.

Withdrawal Symptoms Associated with Drug Detox

The withdrawal symptoms associated with detox will vary, depending on the type of drug being taken. While the physical symptoms of the drug detox process may vary, many types of drugs have the capacity to produce severe psychological withdrawal symptoms.

Perhaps the most misunderstood and underestimated withdrawal symptom of all is cravings. Taking any drug of addiction over a period of time causes the brain's chemistry to change. When the person stops taking the substance, the brain can't adapt quickly. The result is that the user experiences overwhelming cravings to take more drugs that can be so fierce the user will do almost anything to get more.

During unsupervised detox from addictive drugs, the risk of relapse is increased dramatically. If the person has been drug-free for a few days before relapsing, the person's tolerance level to the substance may already have been decreased. The result is a significantly increased risk of accidental overdose if the user tries to take similar doses to what they were taking before stopping use.

Who Needs Treatment in a Drug Detox Center?

Drug and alcohol detox centers provide a safe environment to begin the addiction recovery process away from people and places associated with substance abuse. Seeking treatment for drug detox in Big Spring is the first step to regaining control over the cycle of drug or alcohol addiction.

While there are plenty of drug and alcohol detox centers available across the country, far too many people avoid seeking the professional treatment they need. It's common for many people to deny the extent of their problem, believing they have their drinking habits or drug use under control.

Others may have tried to detox at home without proper supervision or support and failed, relapsing back into a cycle of substance abuse. In an effort to avoid the onset of horrible withdrawal symptoms, those people often continue using rather than seek proper help for drug detox in Big Spring to start the recovery process on a positive note.

The detox process may be a challenging step to take, but it's important to note that detox on its own won't treat the underlying psychological side of addictive behaviors. Drug and alcohol detox centers can provide the right combination of counseling and behavioral therapies to help recovering people learn new ways of staying clean and sober over the long term. Call us now more information (432) 614-6115.

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